Because your child will get to feel like the superstar of their day!

Ninja Warrior Birthday Party Includes…

*1 official t-shirt paid for the birthday child or a friend

*90 minutes of professional supervision for up to 15 kids with nonstop games, activities and obstacle course fun with a Martial Arts twist! 

*Your child gets to cut their cake with a real sword!  Making your child feel like the coolest kid to have ever walked this earth! 

*Your child gets to break a board in front of all their friends providing that moment where their confidence soars and they feel like the superstar of the show! 

*Your childs friends get to come back and break a board for free on another day of their choosing!

*Best part… we clean up the party and load your presents in your car!


Seeing your child’s face light up when they break a board in front of their friends…PRICELESS.

Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind experience, but our team is here to make sure you’re talking about this party for weeks to come. 

All The RAGE!

Kids have a BLAST at our SUPER FUN Karate Birthday Parties

What’s Included:

Make your child feel like a SUPERHERO during their birthday party with us. Not only are they having fun with all their friends, but we make them a BLACK BELT Instructor for the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to handle everything?

Our team of experts will handle the heavy lifting for you, giving you a chance to relax and enjoy the fun!

Will there be Adults supervising this party?

Our Instructional Staff will not only make this the best party ever, they will also keep the kids entertained so you don’t have to.

Will my child's friends have fun?

Most definitely! Even if they haven’t ever taken a martial arts lesson before, all of our guests will have a great time and who knows…maybe they will love the martial arts like we do.

Will Martial Arts teach my child to be violent?

No. Although there are some very aggressive martial arts systems out there, our program teaches children to be respectful of one another and develop self-discipline.

Will the kids gets bored doing martial arts the whole time?

Even though the theme of our party is martial arts, they will not be doing that the whole time. There are lots of games/activities to keep the kids engaged the throughout the party.

What if they like it and want to continue with Martial Arts?

We would LOVE to have all the participants continue with their training and will provide information for all the parents to take home and review. Heck…we might even throw in a discount coupon for you 🙂